Blogging with Joomla

When we think about creating a blog or getting a developer to set one up, we instantly think of WordPress or even Joomla is probably not even on your mind or you would not even consider using Joomla for a blog, but the question is WHY?

Joomla is a robust system with a vast amount of plugins to enhance the site and turn it into anything want it to be, so why not a blog? Actually  using Joomla for a blog is the perfect solution, with components like K2 the Joomla construction kit making a blog with easy to add galleries, videos, and custom fields could not be simpler. Even if you have never used Joomla before, installing and using K2 is straight forward.

Personally i feel that blogging with Joomla is the best way to go, it is flexible, and scalable, to grow as you do. You may start off blogging about your business, and services and as time goes you may wish to take the site onto the next level and start creating more of an identity for the site adding additional features customizing the design and more. Joomla can handle all of this without any issues at all. Whether you will be adding videos, podcast, eCommerce, directories, forums, etc etc there will be no limitations, nothing holding you back.

So before you jump straight into your WordPress blog think about the future and where will your blog be in a years time, how popular will your blog be and how you will be able expand and exploit your blog for bigger and better things.

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