Expanding Joomla Content

As you may know by now, Joomla is a great way to expand your website and gives you the ability to update and manage your content when ever you want to. But how about page layouts, displaying your categories in various styles and formats? Well this is not really an option!

Joomla 1.5 comes with sections and categories, where as Joomla 1.6 come with only categories, but with the feature of being able to add as many sub categories as you want. This is great but what about style and design. Well for that you will need FLEXIContent for Joomla 1.5. x

FLEXIContent is a great add on to the Joomla system. It provides you the options to have unlimited categories, and different templates for each category, all of which you can manipulate and style to your hearts content. This is a great way to give your visitors more design and provides you with designs for different levels of content as the user drills down.

A simple way to explain this is you may have News (main category) Spots (sub category) Football (sub category of sports) etc etc. Well we could now display each of these categories in a different way, from a list of items, to short descriptions, or even with thumbnails, description date etc etc. This type of content creation is ideal for social, community and magazine style websites. We are currently using this system on two new websites that are in development. Once we have the first site developed and live we will update this post to show you exactly what it could look like.

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