How to design a Joomla website

Designing a Joomla website comes from your imagination. I often get asked how can i design my own Joomla website. Well the answer to that can vary depending on your skills. The simplest option is buy a template from a reputable template club like or Yootheme.

When you are looking at designing your own Joomla website and using a club template for the foundation of the build, then look only at the templates features, where are the module positions?, where is the main menu, and what features does it have?, are all the areas of the template editable? these are just some of the things you should be asking your self when wanting to design your own Joomla website.

Do not look at the colour, images logo etc. these are purely cosmetic and colour is defined through css. If the template you like has the functionality but the colour is green and you need blue, well simple all you would have to do is change the colour green in the css to blue, and that's it. What ever borders backgrounds fonts etc were using green will now all be blue. There may be one or two images that could be green so you will need to edit these in photoshop and then just overwrite them using ftp. The rest of the layout will be done using modules and content. Just be a little creative when adding content and modules so that everything blends together.

The second option will cost you anything from £100 upwards to around £600-£1000 and that is design your own template look and feel on paper, or a graphic design application like photoshop or illustrator and then pass this on to a company like ourselves to have the template created as you have designed it.

I suppose the third and final option would be just to pass you ideas on to a design company and then to a company like us for the conversion. This is the most expensive option, but it will guarantee you that you will have a unique and bespoke Joomla template that no one else has.

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