Introduction Articles in Joomla

Getting more people to become members of your website is always a goal of many website owners. Not only does this increase your email list, but you can show off your members total on your website which then leads to more people signing up, a bit of a chain reaction, but how can you do this.

One of the best ways is to provide your visitors with good informational content, and make some of this if not most of it available to registered members of your website only.

This way when people want more, they are forced to register with you. With the Joomla system you are able to simply and easily display teasers of your articles to the public to entice them to read more. Once they click the read more link they are then redirected to the registration page, login page or where ever you wish to send them.

Let your registration process be painless and quick though, people hate filling out long forms. Once they login you can ask them to complete  their profile and answer any other questions you have for them. Remember to always ask them at the registration stage if they would like to receive your newsletter, otherwise you could find yourself being accused of spamming. Now your new member will be able to navigate through your website and read anything they like, and you have your self another member and potential client and another email address to promote your services and special offers to.

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