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Getting people to find your new offers, special deals or just the latest news from your website, could be a long process and you could be missing out on hundreds of visitors and potential sales. So how do you get people to come to your new web site information instantly? and I mean within 5 minutes of publishing it.

The answer is social networks. We have been running some tests on a site, well my own blog site that I have just set up and made live just the other day. I created a page, placed a video on the page, and within 10 minutes i had received 10 new visitors, and this continued throughout the day, until the page had seen over 100 unique hits from people that may not have visited us in the first place. Now this is not big numbers but then again, the content is perhaps not that appealing to everyone, "me out cycling". But the system works and we have proved it, most if not all page from our blog on this site rank very well.

The one page I created yesterday now has links from other peoples Facebook and twitter pages, video networks such as Vimeo and YouTube, a link on Digg, Google +1, Google Buzz and stumble upon. In other words the information is out there to be found quickly and easily and the search engines have several ways to find my page without me having to actually submit the page to Google, Yahoo, or Bing manually, which is something you should never do anyway.

When creating a blog post or a new article a major factor  is the page title, and description as well as the content of course. I can guarantee 100% that within three days the title of my blog post will be at the top of Google, well it is a bit odd "14 miles in 8 minutes" but take for example another title "Whernside the quick way" No1 in Google, take a common searched title from this site, lets look at the phrase "Bespoke and Custom Joomla Templates" my page/blog title is "Bespoke Custom Joomla Templates" and our site is number two in Google for this search phrase.

We achieved through our own methods, but i am not about to reveal them for free, but it is all to do with social networks, good content, and page titles.

If you are looking to increase your visitors, sales, leads then why not contact us and lets see if we can do for you what we do for our selves.

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